Thursday, July 30, 2009

For the Love of Horses

Demerie went to horse camp again this summer! Such a great time for her. This year cousins Gianna and Lanie joined her for the fun. She really improved with her riding skills and gave me quite a show when I went on Friday to watch her ride. Despite the warm weather, she had a blast!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just Can't Stop Smiling

Yes, I know, I look like some psychotic lady jumping out of an alley, well I am! Well, not psychotic, but I am jumping out of this sweet spot in Alexandria, VA. My sis is known for having photog. clients jump in certain pictures, and well, I had to try it out!

On Monday, my parents had a day off from their missionary/temple duties and we were able to hit the City and see the sites, like the White House...

The George Washington Memorial... So incredible to see in "real life"!

Mom and Dad standing on the Washington Monument grounds with the Lincoln Memorial and reflection pool in the background.

On the way over to the Lincoln Memorial, I saw this amazingly huge tree trunk split in half, creating an awesome "lounge" area. So, I made it a kodak moment. Did I mention that it was extremely warm and humid that day? We were sweating bullets...

On the walk towards the Lincoln Memorial, we past by President Bush's Memorial to the 50 states and territories, constructed while he was in office. Beautiful and impressive...

I couldn't believe the trees and how green it is in D.C! I feel like I live in the desert here in So. Cal! I have forgotten how beautifully green the East Coast is. Stunning!
We rented a wheel chair for Dad, as he was nursing a very sore leg from an accident a couple of weeks before. We knew we would be walking far to long for his injured leg to tolerate.
Wendy jumped in the chair to take a break from all the pushing, she was definitely the one that pushed the most during the day.

It was a very brief break....

Did I mention it was hot? Hence the hankie under Dad's hat!? Hummmm?

Another chance to swipe the chair... Wendy started a new fad... Wheelchair coasting... waving her arms to steer. Turned out it's not that effective and won't be a new fad.

Mom and Dad in front of the Vietnam Wall Memorial. We are so blessed that his name is not found on that wall and he was able to return safely! The many names that sprawl across the vast wall are so very tragic.

Miss Wendy looking tre-chic!

Mom and Dad posing in front of the Capital. Quite the phenomenal experience! I still feel so fortunate that I was able to go to Washington D.C. with Wendy! We had the best time going on photo sessions, meeting amazing people, hang out and visit with my parents and experience a bit of their mission, not to mention attend an outstanding fundraiser event and see Cirq du' Solei perform! I still can't believe it happened and when I look back at these and other pictures, I just can't help but smile! Thanks for the great memories, sis. and for taking me along! I love you! And thanks to you as well for having us! We are so proud of both of you, Mom and Dad!
By the way, I realized I did not include pictures of my MOST favorite place we toured... the Lincoln Monument. I posted some on my photography blog, so go see them, if you haven't already! Thanks!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big D

I took Demerie out for some photos after her birthday last month. I can't believe 10 years have come and gone! To imagine how long we had to wait for this precious red head to enter our lives, and then see how 3 more were relatively easy to follow! Wow! I can hardly remember what life was like without her!

Demerie, you have been such an incredible help to me, especially to help out with the crazy and "never-failing to cause destruction in her path" toddler in our home! You are always willing to lend a helping hand, quietly clean off the kitchen table after meals, without being asked. I love how you are a straight arrow, never questioning when you know something is right, you do it.

I could never in my wildest dreams imagined having such a creature and nature-loving child. You can make a fort out of sticks, find and catch any sort of snake, lizard, frog or any other creature for that matter! I love how you value life, of all of God's creations.

You have blessed our family in more ways than I could ever possibly mention. Daddy and I are so proud of all your talents and accomplishments in school and in life. Thank you for being
our Big D! We love you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bathing Beauty

Ahhh, bath time. Averie's favorite time of the day, so much so that it generally happens two times a day!
She is truly a water baby! I grabbed the camera one day and watched her in amazement!

Showing her "fave" toy of the day... "tuhdle".

What a gorgeous head of Auburn hair...

Bath time, at it's best!

Tubin' Fun

Well, let's just say this post is a little out of order. Mainly due to the fact that it happened this February, however, the pictures were on my mom's camera and I received them just recently. Back in February, we went up to Utah to say a final farewell to GranB and Grandpa before they left on their mission to Washington D.C. We took a quick trip up over the President's Day Holiday. The weather was perfect and on Saturday it snowed and we hit the slopes... well at least the tubing slope. It was the perfect spot for us all to join in and have a sweet day in the snow.

Demerie in all her snow gear.

Cousins climbing the slope to see how far they could possibly go without causing an avalanche, or something like that!

Even GrandB and Grandpa grabbed some tubes and joined in the fun! What great sports!

Averie could not possibly eat enough snow... mighty tasty, she thought.

Big Red, blazing her own trail!

Natalie, Demerie and cousin Jenni having flavorless snowcones! Yum!

Robbie and Jake getting ready to race downhill.

Averie and mom heading down the hill. It was so much fun to hear her squeal with delight!

Sudden mini blizzard came out of nowhere! So much snow, and so much fun!

It's Concert Time...

After the awards assembly, the fourth graders gave a Recorder Performance. Demerie and the other students of our school have been learning how to play the recorder this year in music class and put on a show for the students and parents. First, she was in a group playing the xylophone, then moved to the center stage to play various songs on the recorder.

With the accompaniment, those recorders can sound... musical! Who knew!

Outstanding performance, I must say!

Robbie the Roughrider!

Robbie, come on down! You are the next Rough Rider of
Butterfield Ranch Elementary! Okay, maybe not quite so "Price is Right"y-like, but none the less, is was very exciting!

Robbie has been working sooo hard this year in school! We are so very proud of his efforts in all areas! He sure was excited about getting the RoughRider award for April.

Way to go, buddy!! We are all so proud of you!